Become a Member

Types of Membership

There are three types of membership in the European Cloud Industrial Alliance (EUCLIDIA):

  1. Full membership with voting rights (SMEs, with majority owned by EU-based shareholders, suppliers or original hardware or software for the cloud)
  2. Associated membership (relevant European based industry partners)
  3. Partner (non profit associations and foundations endorsing EUCLIDIA)


The application process is outlined in the following schema.

If you are interested to join EUCLIDIA, please contact us at together with the answers to our onboarding questionnaire below.

Euclidia Eligibility and Onboarding Scheme

Eligibility Evaluation Criteria

1) No veto (= an existing member objects to the company joining)


  • Ok: no vetos, Company X can become a member or partner
  • Not Ok: veto of one member due to bad cooperation in the past

2) European company? (= located in Europe, majority of shareholders is European)


  • Ok: Company located in France, shareholders are all natural persons living in France
  • Not Ok: Company located in Spain, subsidiary of US company
  • Not Ok: Company located in Germany, majority shareholders are European but live in US

In case of EU-based Foundations or Associations, there is the possibility to become a Partner. Acceptance through a member vote (Quorum of 20% with more than 50% voting in favor) 

3) SME based EU critiera? (= <250 staff and either <50M€ sales or <43M€ assets)


  • Ok: Company with 2M€ sales and 30 staff
  • Not Ok: Company with 2B€ sales and 3000 staff

In case a company does not meet SME critieria, it can still be permitted to become a full member through a member vote (Quorum of 20% with more than 80% voting in favor). Alternatively, the company can join EUCLIDIA as an Associate member (Quorum of 20% with more than 50% voting in favor).

4) Is the company a creator of significant original software or hardware?


  • Ok: Company creates and maintains their own cloud software X
  • Not Ok: Company wrote a wrapper around solutions A, B and C of provider Y = not significant 

If a company is only a user of original EU software or hardware, it can become an Associate member through a member vote (Quorum of 20% with more than 50% voting in favor). 


Onboarding Questionnaire

In order to facilitate the onboarding of new members, please answer the following questions and include them when reaching out regarding membership:

  1. Which original cloud technology did you create? (describe it in terms of original works such as code, CAD files, etc. and how this work is immobilised as an asset in your balance sheet) - mandatory for full membership
  2. What European cloud technology do you use? - mandatory for membership
  3. Why do you want to join Euclidia?
  4. Who do you know in Euclidia?
  5. Do you have a supplier / customer / business partner already in Euclidia? Who?
  6. Have you worked on a research project with a current member of Euclidia? Whom?
  7. Which significant companies and/or administrations use your cloud technology?
  8. According to your last annual statement what/who are your: a) staff count b) profit/loss c) turnover d) total assets e) shareholders?
  9. Are you ready to license your technology to a government? - mandatory for full membership
  10. Are you ready to license your technology to another cloud company?