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Charles Schulz, Vates

Charles- H. Schulz is a French technologist, free software and open standards advocate. As a long- time contributor to the project, he helped grow its community from a few, mostly European communities to over 100 communities and teams of various sizes. He also contributed to the development and adoption of the OpenDocument Format standard through the company he co- founded, Ars Aperta. A former director of the OASIS Consortium, he has engaged in various digital public policy debates at the European level. He is a founding member and one of the former directors of the Document Foundation, home of the LibreOffice project. He has been working in governmental cybersecurity for several years and is one of the current board members of the Open Information Security Foundation, and Chief Strategy Officer of Vates, the main developer of the XCP- ng hypervisor.

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Vates develops XCP-ng, an open source virtualization platform based on Xen. XCP-ng is the result of collaboration between individuals and companies to create a solution without limits, every bits is available on Github. It delivers pro support for production environment. Vates is also developing Xen Orchestra a turnkey solution for your XCP-ng or Citrix Hypervisor infrastructure.