Jan Suhr, CEO Nitrokey

Jan Suhr is the founder and CEO of Nitrokey GmbH, a leading vendor of open source IT security hardware from Germany. Previously he worked as an security architect and consultant in large IT security projects in Europe and Asia for the public sector and other industries. By education Jan is a computer scientist and passioned about open source and IT security.

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About Nitrokey

Nitrokey is the world-leading company in open source IT security hardware. Nitrokey develops IT security hardware for data encryption, key management and user authentication. The company has been founded in Berlin, Germany in 2015 and can already count ten thousands of users including numerous well-known international enterprises from various industries. Nitrokey's mission is to offer a comprehensive portfolio of secure open source products to comprehensively secure your digital life and enable companies to have a secure IT infrastructure. Whether you need a solution for two-factor authentication, encrypted data storage, email encryption, key management, secure communications, or for secure endpoints, Nitrokey offers a portfolio with many options to protect your personal digital life as well as your enterprise. All Nitrokeys are produced in Germany and thus enable a high level of trust.