Stéfane Fermigier

CEO Abilian

Stefane Fermigier is an open source entrepreneur. He founded the companies Nuxeo in 2000 and Abilian in 2012. 

As a leader of the French and European free software community and an activist for digital independence, he co-founded the AFUL in 1998, Eurolinux in 2000, the GTLL in 2007, the CNLL in 2010, the APELL in 2020 and Euclidia in 2021, organisations he chaired or in which he played a role as spokesperson. He is or was also co-founder and co-organiser of the Open World Forum, Paris Open Source Summit, Open Source Experience and PyParis conferences.

After obtaining a PhD in 1996, he continues to be active in industrial research and teaching.

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About Abilian

  • Abilian was funded in 2012 by Stefane Fermigier, founder of Nuxeo and pioneer of open software in France since the year 2000. He is also founder of AFUL, of the Groupe Thématique Logiciel Libre du Pole Systematic Paris Region, and of the CNLL
  • Abilian is an innovative open source software vendor in the emerging collaboration and business-oriented social networking market. Our business model is that of an open source editor: we develop an open source platform, in open collaboration with a community of contributors, and we assure our clients – large groups of DSI administrators, PME cloud users – a guarantee of proper functioning of qualified and maintained software. We equally develop work-oriented applications and cloud services based on our platform.