Thomas Gambier

Thomas Gambier, Project Manager, Rapid.Space

Thomas Gambier is a software developer at Rapid.Space, after a solid 10 year experience as technical expert and manager in hardware verification. 

Thomas graduated in Electrical, Eletronics and Communications Engineering at Télécom Paris Engineering School in 2008.

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About Rapid.Space

Rapid.Space is the brainchild of Jean-Paul Smets from Nexedi, one of the inventors of edge computing and Franck Spinelli from Amarisoft, a global leader for software-defined radio signal processing for 4G/5G networks. With Rapid.Space, both companies joined forces to build a cloud solution provider, that focusses on transparency, reversibility and openess. In 2020, Rapid.Space won the virtualized radio access network (vRAN) category in the Telekom Infra Project (TIP) and joined the TEAC Germany acceleration center after also receiving Deep Tech  financing from the French BPI. Since then, Rapid.Space has been active on many fronts: the company is member of the EANGTI  the association to foster innovation the European telecom space as well the Open Compute Project  Rapid.Space contributes to define SimpleRAN - an open initiative to simplify the deployment of carrier-grade 4G/5G networks based on transparent standards for virtal radio access networks (vRAN). And as first day member of Gaia-X , Rapid.Space and founding member of Euclidia , the company is both very attentive towards and pushing for competitive markets on national, european and global level.