Yann Lechelle, CEO Scaleway

Yann Lechelle is an entrepreneur and digital innovator. CEO of Scaleway since March 2020, he previously participated in the creation, growth or sale of several startups. He was Director of Operations at Snips, a company specialising in artificial intelligence applied to voice assistants, until its acquisition by Sonos at the end of 2019. He is also a co-founding member of the France Digitale association, a co-founding member and member of the board of directors of the HUB France IA, and a graduate of INSEAD.

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About Scaleway

Founded in 1999, Scaleway, the cloud of choice, helps developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale applications to any infrastructure.

Located in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw, Scaleway’s complete cloud ecosystem is used by 25,000+ businesses, including European startups, who choose Scaleway for its multi-AZ redundancy, smooth developer experience, carbon-neutral data centers and native tools for managing multi-cloud architectures.

With fully managed offerings for bare metal, containerization and serverless architectures, Scaleway brings choice to the world of cloud computing, offering customers the ability to choose where their customer’s data resides, to choose what architecture works best for their business, and to choose a more responsible way to scale.