Euclidia NOW!

Towards A Resilient Cloud Infrastructure in Europe

Calendar icon 29/09/2022 - 12:30-18:00 CET (Registration)

Pin icon Comet Meetings, Place Stéphanie 20 1050 Brussels, Belgium

The European Cloud Industrial Alliance is inviting you to its inaugural "Euclidia NOW" event on September 29th in Brussels.

One of Euclidia's objectives is to raise awareness for European technology creators on the political and economic stage. We will discuss future technology challenges from sovereignty to artifical intelligence and competitiveness with political representatives, thought leaders and European technology creators.

Join us for an afternoon to define the future of cloud and telecommunication industries and the role European technology creators will play.

If you want to be a speaker, please write to:

Livestream on youtube

Networking buffet (12:30-13:45)

Introductory Words (13:45-14:00)


  • Portrait Jean-Paul Smets Jean-Paul Smets - EUCLIDIA Co-President
  • Portrait Philipp Reisner Philipp Reisner - EUCLIDIA Co-President

The European Commission Vision for competitive cloud markets and digital strategic Autonomy (14:00-14:30)

[video / slides]

  • Portrait Pierre Chastanet Pierre ChastanetHead of Unit Cloud & Software at the European Commission

Panel: European Cloud technologies for Artificial intelligence and Data Spaces (14:30-15:00)


  • Portrait Juha Heikkilä Keynote: Bolstering trust and competitiveness for the European AI industryJuha Heikkilä, Adviser for AI in the European Commission DG Communications Networks
  • Portrait Gael Varoquaux Gaël VaroquauxFrench AI and machine-learning expert - Author of sckit-learn
  • Portrait Damian Boeselager Damian BoeselagerGerman MEP (Volt) - member of the former commission for AI in the Digital Age
  • Portrait Stefano Quintarelli Stefano QuintarelliIT expert and former President of the Agenzia per l'Italia digitale

Panel: Anti-competitive practices in the cloud market (15:00-15:30)


  • Portrait Philippe Latombe Philippe LatombeFrench MP (MODEM), Rapporteur on "Building national and European digital sovereignty
  • Portrait Frank Karlitschek Frank KarlitschekCEO Nextcloud
  • Portrait Quentin Adam Quentin Adam CEO Clever Cloud, Chair of the Open Internet Project and member of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud

Panel: Identifying and growing the next generation of innovative EU technology creators (15:30-16:00)


  • Portrait Mikuláš Peksa Mikuláš PeksaCzech MEP (Pirate party), Chairman of the European Pirates
  • Portrait Tiani Vincenzo TianiPartner at PANETTA Law firm; Programme & Dissemination Coordinator at the Brussels Privacy Hub (VUB)
  • Portrait Pierre Gronlier Pierre GronlierChief Technology Officer - GAIA-X AISBL

Pause (16:00-16:15)

Shorts: European cloud technologies, the enabler for innovation, competitiveness and strategic autonomy (16:15-17:00)


  • Portrait Sven Franck Keynote: A Directory of European Cloud TechnologiesSven Franck, Libre Endowment Fund

Everything exists in Europe to...

  • Portrait Catherine Morin-Desailly ... enable a third European way for digital and cloud : France may help !Catherine Morin-Desailly, French Senator (Union Centriste)
  • Portrait Yann Lechelle ... promote the expansion of a multicloud "Made in Europe"Yann Lechelle, CEO Scaleway
  • Portrait Charles Schulz ... advance virtualisation, a key technology for the future and EuropeCharles Schulz, Chief Strategy Officer, Vates SAS
  • Portrait Andreas Foglar ... have sovereign network routingAndreas Foglar, CEO InnoRoute
  • Portrait Stéfane Fermigier ... build strategic autonomy based on open source/free softwareStéfane Fermigier, CEO Abilian
  • Portrait Jan Suhr ... provide open source hardware security modules for cloud securityJan Suhr, CEO Nitrokey
  • Portrait Pierre-Yves Gibello ... foster the creation of a competitive open-source eco-systemPierre-Yves Gibello, CEO OW2
  • Portrait Thomas Gambier ... build a European edge cloudThomas Gambier, Rapid.Space
  • Portrait Klaus Wölfel ... provide EU-based big data infrastructuresKlaus Wölfel, CEO Nexedi GmbH

Outlook: The third age of Cloud - to be built with existing European cloud technologies (17:00-17:30)

[video / slides]

  • Portrait Tariq Krim Tariq KrimEntrepreneur, digital Sovereignty pioneer

Debate: Everything exists in Europe, how should we use it? (17:30-18:00)




Photos: Mikuláš Peksa by Concus Cretus, Wikipedia, CC2.0