The interview series highlighting European cloud technology creators

The Libre Endowment Fund has recently conducted a series of interviews financed by the French Interieur ministry in order to put the spotlight on a number of European cloud technology creators. Euclidia was permitted to use and publish these interviews, which you can find below.

Shinken - Monitoring for mission-critical infrastructures 

Cloud IAM - European identity and access management

Murena - A smartphone that respects data privacy

Dolibarr - Open source ERP and CRM for small business

Olvid - the truly secure european messenger

Xwiki - Open source document management with emphasis on security

OW2 - an industrial consortium to support open source projects

Univention - providing identity and access management at scale

exoPlatform - open source collaboration for public services and beyond

Nitrokey - securing technical infrastructure with open source

Worteks - open source identification and identy management

Kalray - high performance processors made in France

Bluemind - the french version of Outlook and Office365

Baserow - the no-code collaborative database

Softklix - helping to migrate from Microsoft to Free Software

Patrowl - cybersecurity made in Europe

Scaleway - European multicloud hosting

Linbit - high performance storage architecture

Amarisoft - Software-defined 4G/5G radio-signal processing

Whaller - Enterprise social networking made in Europe

Rapid.Space - a fully open cloud (open source software, hardware and processes)

OpenSVC - open source orchestration

Jamespot - All in one collaborative platform

SenX - time series data collection and analysis

Signal18 - High performance database replication manager

Nexedi - open source and convergent Edge Computing made in Europe

Abilian - Research focussed collaboration software

Open Nebula - European open source cloud orchestration and management

Nextcloud - European open source collaboration software

Collabora Online - The open source document editor to integrate anywhere