EUCLIDIA demonstrates European resilient clouds backed by 100 European companies

Brussels, Belgium, 13th of October, 2022 - For immediate release

EUCLIDIA, the European Cloud Industrial Alliance, has hosted its inaugural "EUCLIDIA Now!" event in Brussels. A directory of more than 100 European companies, 300 technologies and 300 success cases was presented: 10 European cloud solutions powered by European cloud technologies are ready to be adopted.

The event was highlighted by Pierre Chastanet, head of the European Commission's DG for Communication Networks, who outlined the Commission's vision for competitive cloud markets. According to M. Chastanet, "we need to make the branding of European players more visible" and "make sure European customers are aware of the choice they have".

More than 100 European cloud companies, 300 cloud technologies backed by 300 success cases are now available to European customers. All cloud technologies exist in Europe.

A repository of all European cloud technologies is being built and maintained by EUCLIDIA: Its objective is to identify all cloud technologies made in Europe. This includes technologies from Abilian, Clever Cloud, Innoroute, Linbit, Nexedi, Nitrokey, Rapid.Space, Scaleway, Vates, whose CEOs were present at the event and demonstrated European cloud technologies for storage, big data, edge, vRAN, cybersecurity, virtualisation and multicloud. 

Jean-Paul Smets, co-president of EUCLIDIA, explains: "Hundreds of European cloud technologies are already integrated into one-stop-shop solutions that bring full strategic autonomy to European governments within few months. There is no need to wait for research and development programmes to achieve strategic autonomy." Philipp Reisner, co-president of EUCLIDIA, adds: "Dozens of European cloud technologies are already used by hyperscalers in US and China. We urge European governments to source their cloud directly from European creators rather than through non European distributors.".

Panels featuring European MPs (Damian Boeselager, Mikuláš Peksa) and national MPs (Philippe Latombe, Catherine Morin-Desailly), as well as European technology stakeholders, emphasized the challenges of market conditions allowing abuse by dominant global players, but also demonstrated that sovereign European alternatives need to be supported through regulations such as quotas, small business act, white certificates, etc. which already exist in USA and China to support local cloud industry.

The event concluded with an outlook by entrepreneur and digital sovereignty pioneer Tariq Krim on the 3rd age of the cloud through developing an ideology and narrative for the European cloud ecosystem in a world where the future of Internet can no longer be guaranteed due to geopolitical tensions, and thus requires Europe to control its own cloud technology and infrastructure.

The event livestream is available online. Videos and slides will be uploaded on the event webpage


The European Cloud Industrial Alliance (EUCLIDIA) is an industry alliance of SMEs active in the cloud industry. Members are cloud SMEs that develop and supply hardware or software for IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, and are majority owned by European shareholders.  EUCLIDIA's mission is to foster innovation in the European cloud space, in particular for the provision and operation of cloud infrastructure. The association is dedicated to promoting the opportunity to create a green and SME-friendly environment in the European cloud sector.